His heartbeat

What is happening 
with statues all around
a sorrowful deep frown
The statue of abuse
We cut it down

The statue of injustice
We bend it and let it fall
The statue of supression
We break it, bowing it shall
The statue of discrimination
Yes, let it fall
Slavery and oppression
Down and down it goes
Victory is ours
We prove it by cleaning the old

Is it?

Do we survive by erasing history
Forgetting what has been
And going forward victoriously?
Is it where real freedom is seen?
Is it cut out of stone?
Or is it a heart
Beating, flesh and bone
Choices we make
Day by day
Beat by beat
Heartbeat by heart


Eye for an eye
Or dare we go further?
Uncovering our hearts
Discovering ego and evil
In need
Of grace
Beat by heartbeat
A living One
Forgiving and releasing
Giving real freedom from within
Thats what will make the change
My heart being without hate
Loving because being loved
By the One who got sin erased
I heard this quote
It filled me with hope
Knowing in the end
This is where I will live:

“My knowledge of this Life is small
My eyes of faith is dim
But it’s enough that Christ knows all
And I shall be with Him”

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